I probably don’t need a preface for my particular brand of ramblings any more. I offered this to my brother to read and he deemed it: “Exactly the sort of thing you tend to write, but you know, developed a bit.” So I have a signature in my quirky writing it would seem. These things always tend to come along without any preparation or expectation, using automatic writing, and so much of what I write requires even my own deciphering afterwards. Yet these ramblings hide and reveal truths for me. They hint closer and closer to something that cannot be said. Mostly I do it because it explodes out of my head like verbal diarrhoea. So here I go again (on my own … danna na na *air guitar*)


Freedom and The State of No-Mind


The phrase “Freedom is a State of Mind” is so common now as to have become trite. And although it holds some truth within it (as all things do, much as all things conceal truth just as well) it is misleading in its use of the term: mind.

It is true, inasmuch as, true freedom comes not from the freedom of movement, political freedom, freedom of expression or financial freedom that society battles over daily. True freedom has little or nothing to do with the so-called external world. The phrase seeks to highlight this. But freedom is no state of mind. Liberation is found in our Secret Centre. On the Axis of the World. When all about us is a storm of ever-changing flow. When the winds of change swirl and twirl, ever turning and re-turning upsetting all in their path; to walk within these winds means to be caught in the Web of Wyrd. In the Maelstrom of Life. A slave to it, rather than a master.

At the very heart of any storm though, is the eye. Here can one sit deep within the drama, watching all the action play out about oneself and yet be utterly separate and at peace; observing the destruction, horror and desolation as it truly is from an objective stand point: both beautiful and terrible. Worthy of Adoration. Of Love.

So just as the very centre of the storm secretes its eye, at the very centre of our being, we can find, secreted, the ‘I’. Not at the centre of our body (however that might be judged), nor at the centre of our mind, for our mind is a part of the storm itself. We can observe it, watch it. If we are observing it, we are apart from it. No. Liberation is found somewhere else. Not in the mind. Liberation is found in our ultimate surrender to Bliss. In the very ground of our Being. “The ‘I’ in the Triangle is the ‘U’ in Truth.” Liberation is found in Dharma, the Tao, the True Will. It is found in the evolving mythos of our unfolding Hero’s Journey. The story of the UniVerse. The One Song. Not in any destination or exalted state. It is Here. And it is Now. Illumination is not something that HAPPENS to you. It is something that you ARE. It is what remains, when you strip off all of that which you pretend you are. That you hope you are. That you wish you might yet be. Take everything away and illumination comes from the rainbow starlight at the core of your sacred heart. Illumination comes from the Lamp that you carry. And yes. There is a Genie in that Lamp. Or rather, a Gen.i.us.

Your Geni.us is not trapped in that Lamp. Ignore that story. It is a red herring. How can your Gen.i.us be trapped? The Gen.i.us has all the powers of the UniVerse at their disposal. Within the magick lamp of your True Spirit. Your Star. Your Geni.us is Everywhere. In Everything. For Eternity. And so you are there also. Liberated. In Light. By Love. In Life Eternal. For the Gen.i.us Wills it so. And All is One. “Your Heart is My Heart.”

So there is the Mag.i.us. And there is the Gen.i.us. They are One and All.

So where then is the ‘I’?

Deep within the Star. In All Stars. Deep within the Lamp. All Lamps. Deep within the I, mage; I, nation. Deep within the Gen.i.us. All Genes. All ‘I’s. All of Us.

All is One.
All is None.

I am. Nothing. Becoming. I am. Becoming. Nothing. I Am.

There is no story here. No words to express the Mystery of Mysteries. Nothing of it can ever be said.

Only Silence can Enter.