As it says on the tin. I have been drawing pretty much all the major constructions in Sacred Geometry on Adobe Illustrator for use in my own artwork and design. As a graphic designer it occurred to me that this gave me enough material to produce a Sacred Geometry vector pack where others could download all of these elements in one simple file. I have found various elements on the internet but never all together in one free vector pack (and never as nicely drawn obviously).

Free Sacred Geometry Vector Pack

Sacred Geometry is truly sacred (my humble opinion but shared by many others wiser than I) and as such this work should be free and as widely distributed as possible. Share it, change it, spread the word and use it as you see fit. My goal in doing this is nothing other than my offering and sharing of something good and beautiful to the world. It is universal and so it is all of ours, I was just the instrument of this particular expression of it.

More people than ever are being switched on to Sacred Geometry. I hope that this adds fuel to the fire.

One Love.

Statement regarding the new ‘Support Button’

To be clear these downloads are and always will be 100% totally free. However some people who have got value from the vector pack and have wished to offer their thanks for my work in a monetary manner. These occasional donations are a great kindness, and they mean the world to me. Should anyone wish to make a payment, entirely of their own volition, I have added the below PayPal button so you can do so.

Please do not feel in any way obliged. Enjoy for free. Sharing is caring. If you do want to gift in return however. Now you have the means. πŸ™‚

[Note: The account is currently set to accept GBP Pounds Sterling. You can use google or suchlike to figure out how much that will be in your own currency.]

One Love!