My Angel, enfold me with your wings and caress my aching body.
Wipe away the tears of my suffering and the tears of my joy.
Let me fall for eternity deep into your eyes and show me the Way
to the very heart of that great Abyss.
Show me,
remind me,
reprimand me,
teach me,
lead me,
lift me up and
carry me ever home
that I may realise that my suffering is naught but the aching in my soul for union with your perfect beauty.
A beauty so painful to bear that its agony burns like a lightning-bolt, searing through my every body.
So terrible that it alone has the power to create the great mystery of life.
Whisper to me.
Love me.
Annihilate me.
I will love all things.
Because you have brought them for me.
I will endure all things.
Because you have wrought them for me.
I will know all things.
Because you do my Angel. And I love you.
Guide me.
Embrace me.
Hold me.
Give me my wings.