Another outburst. A stream of consciousness (so please excuse some of the clumsiness), musings on the nature of chaos, after a beautiful and moving few days celebrating Halloween, and life.


Enjoy order and balance but only within the moment. Do not adhere to ritual as necessity but accept that the prevalence of chaos allows for the existence of order in a limited manner only.

Apparent order is the temporal associations made within a chaotic framework. They are glimpses of a higher ‘order’. An ephemeral, ineffable approximation of the governing and all-encompassing root of all eventualities. The meta-pattern and potentiality itself: chaos.

Nothing can be said about chaos that cannot be revoked. It can be understood, but never explicated. It it a system, but to complex to comprehensively comprehend. It is the uncertainty that underpins reality – and it is the root of all fear. Fear of the unknown, for the complexity of chaos means that one sacrifices the definite for the infinite, knowledge for faith.

To know chaos is to be chaos, and with that mantle comes the dissolution of all rationality, and the sensible world. We are born of chaos, and we are ruled by chaos. Our sacred and highest duty is to learn to love chaos, to trust in chaos and to have faith in chaos. Not in good, or benevolence, or any other definable or comprehensible divinity, but utter absolute possibility.

Here lies the capacity for all things to come into being, here, in the absolute, lies absolution. This is the path of the magi, the seeker, the seer, the initiate, the shaman, the diviner, the priest, the prophet, the bard, the wanderer, the wonderer. “Many paths lead, from the foot of the mountain. But at the peak, we all gaze at the single bright moon” (Ikkyu, Zen-monk poet, 1394-1481)

This is the Path that cannot be known, the Way that cannot be named – and the destination is redemption. The redemption of our freedom, of our happiness, of mystery, of magic, of our inner child; for we are all children of God.

Once we were free. And then we began to fear. All about us we have built walls, limits, barriers, boundaries and in doing so we have built a Labyrinth. Now we are lost. But the Labyrinth cannot be solved, so it must be dissolved. And the power, like the Kingdom of God, lies within. We are God. We are one. Divided by illusions. Limited only by our selves. In truth chaos is nothing other the dreams of the Divine. Of us. And were we only to awaken to our True Nature and consciously conceive our Mind-field together; Heaven would be ours to create. And I see it all around me. The Great Awakening has already begun.

So embrace the Uncertainty Principle. We live in a playground of gods. Anything is possible in the imagination of our Mind’s eye and the only thing to fear… is the fear of fear. For if we embrace our fear also. Embrace All. In the Total Union of Love. Then Nothing will remain. And Nothing is the foundation of Everything. Uncertainty gives birth to wonder. So wonder freely and wander freely and let nothing and no one take away your rights. Freedom. Happiness. Peace. Plenty. Bliss.

The centre that I cannot find
Is known to my unconscious Mind;
I have no reason to despair
Because I am already there.

My problem is how not to will;
They move most quickly who stand still;
I’m only lost until I see
I’m lost because I want to be.

– W.H. Auden, The Labyrinth.