A genuinely inspriational excerpt from the wonderfully insane works of the Discordian movement.

This is it. Right now. This is the exact moment.

You’re holding it right now in your hands. It’s the moment when human beings begin to communicate with each other again. It’s people talking to people, instead of just exchanging small talk and waiting for their opinions to be broadcast at them via mass media.

It’s homegrown. It’s grassroots. It’s do-it-yourself.

In the past, big ideas came from big people with big wallets and big friends.

Then there was a time when big ideas came from big people with loud TV stations and smart marketing teams.

But now we’ve got this perfectly fluid perfectly free medium, the internet, and it’s time to spread something important.

Not just naked women, pithy one-liners, and funny pictures of cats. We’re communicating real ideas between real people. And we don’t need market forces to moderate it ad [sic] tell us what’s cool.

We’re living in the digital frontier, the wild west of information.

We’re watching the sun rise over humanity starting with you.

And we’ve always had word-of-mouth. But now we’re taking it back, clearing the air of memetic pollution.

It’s time to live our lives like they’re an extreme sport. It’s time to actualize the present and live every moment like it’s the only one that matters. It’s a time for new beginnings.

Someone once asked Tim Leary “And now what?”
He said, simply, “find the others.”

This is BY FAR the most exciting point in history to be alive.

The Black Iron Prison (n.d.).