I was sent lovely email today as regards marking the splendiforous 09-09-09 … As well as being a lovely idea the poem/affirmation contained in the email is wonderful so I had to share xx

I shall be meditating for 9 minutes from 9.00 until 9.09 again creating the triple-triad that is 9.

Here’s the pretty email I received:


We are walking the path of love NOW!

All you need to do is light a candle, meditation at 9am or 9pm. You don’t need to be at a computer, you can do this ANYWHERE WHERE EVER YOU ARE in the WORLD. Peace, and loving thoughts to yourself and vibrate them out into the world. You are all POWERFUL BEINGS of LOVE AND LIGHT, WE ARE WALKING THIS PATH JUST HOW WE PLANNED IT! TRUST ALL IS PERFECT.

Please, tell everyone you know about this date and event!


The Call Of The New Paradigm by Ian Paul Marshall

I give thanks for this precious moment,
This chance to be alive.
For life is sacred, special, and a fragile thing.

Realizing that it may end at any moment
I give thanks for all that I have
And strive to live each day to the fullest.

I have come to realize the power that is within me.
That my former thoughts, words and actions
Became my present state
And right now, in this moment, I’m creating my future.

Understanding this awesome power that I have
It’s my deepest prayer to realize my supreme potential
In the liberated free-play of consciousness,
In this vast expanse,
So that I may inspire others to do the same.

I impress upon my consciousness
States of perfection
Perfect Being, which I’ve found Within
Perfect Wisdom, which I’ve found in Oneness
Perfect Compassion which I’ve found within humanity.

I now know that I live, breathe, and have my being
Within a living field of unified consciousness.
All things arise and fall
Within this field of consciousness.
A sea of infinite potential.
Where thoughts and phenomena,
Are the free play of space.

And in this moment
While there is this “I”
I begin to see the world as it really is,
Perfect and pure.
Where every atom vibrates with joy
And is held together by love.
Where everything is fresh and meaningful,
Radiant with unlimited potential.

I affirm that all the people of the world are created equal and pure,
That abundance, joy, health, and peace
Are the natural and complete states of our being.
I accept these now for myself,
And in doing so I’ve accepted these gifts for all of humanity.

I know now that I have a purpose in life
We all do
And everyday I express that purpose,
And I allow others to do the same.

For I know that we’re all one.
I’m another you
You’re another me
Me is transformed into We
and we’re all in this together.
So I reach out my hands and care for all of life
And I embrace all of the world
Knowing that I have truly touched
The very essence of my own existence.

I give myself the permission to be a miracle
I give myself over to the world
And use my life and all I can share Consciously
So that I may benefit whoever may cross my path.
Even if it’s for just a moment.

For I know it’s in moments like these,
That all of existence is unfolding through us,
And I become certain that heaven is truly here on earth,
And that life is beautiful, perfect and exactly as it should be.

I have become an expression of perfection.

And so it is.


Source: Ian Paul Marshall: http://earthsgreatawakening.com/