I do not often speak of my magickal practices here. I save that for my private magickal journal and normally see no good reason to publish it openly. However all boundaries blur and on this occasion I have chosen to publish my recent developments here at theMushroom. Partly because it relates to the changing of my magickal name/motto/identity and I have referred to my previous magickal name on this website elsewhere. So it seems right and proper to announce the recent change. And also because, well quite simply; I said that I would. In a previous post, The Secret Centre, I mentioned my taking of a magickal oath. Well I did, and I have, and I would like to share it here for All. So here is a short excerpt from my magickal diary, recorded on July 8th 2013, or in astrological timekeeping: Sun in 16° Cancer, Moon in 23° Cancer.

The following is the formal oath to accompany my binding ceremony at Glastonbury 2013. This evening I sigilised Sunnata and charged said sigil. My Will, Nothing. My Aim, Nothing. My desire, Everything. My Love, All Things. I burned my sigil in part and buried the remainder with a potato plant (…ah the importance of potatoes to my magickal and mundane paths both). As I spent my time on the holy ground of Glastonbury, I made no formal ritual, no tools I brought did I need. Rather I watched and acted in accordance with my situation as it unfolded. My Angel communed with me and confirmed – as I was bound – (my hair wrapped with a hidden mushroom meditating with my brother who charged the item as we both began to come up). In that moment my intention was set, my Oath given. Nothing like I had expected. Perfect in every way. ChaOrder indeed. It has always been my Way. Beauty. Excess. Extremes. Light. Wondering. Wandering. Liberty. Love. Union. Expression. The Fullness of Life. Total Acceptance of the Perfect Now. This is the Way I invoke my Angel. Now I will counterbalance. On this Nu Moon I will formalise that which has already occurred. I take on my new name/motto. I make another claim to my Oath.

So it is written. So it shall be.

1. I, ‘Sunnata’, Judiciary of The Way, one shining star in the the Great Body of stars and one rainbow bridging the Heavens and the Earth, being of sound mind and body, have resolved on this day, Sun in 16° Cancer, Moon in 23° Cancer, to bind myself to the continuation and completion of the Great Work. We, hereby solemnly swear:

2. To accomplish one’s True Will.

3. To Master the Art and Science of Magick.

4. To Love All Things.

5. To perform all things and endure all things for the Great Work.

6. To attain the Knowledge and Conversation of one’s Holy Guardian Angel.

7. To work without lust of result.

8. To devote every thought, word and deed to the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

9. To rely only upon one’s Self.

10. To dedicate the benefit of one’s every act unto the complete liberation, the true happiness and the supreme enlightenment of all beings everywhere, seen and unseen, pervading all of space, time and hyperspace.

May the Invisible College of Rainbow Starlight unify the work, impart its wisdom in carrying out the work, and enable us to understand the work!

May the UniVerse sing the One Song through its willing servant and may those divided for love’s sake, be remembered, as One.

I am Becoming Nothing. Nothing Becoming I am.

Witness my hand: ………… Sunnata……………

The Path of Sorrow is the Path of Joy.
Change is Stability.
Selflessness is the True Self


‘Your heart is my heart.’