I don’t know what to say. After suffering some enormous problems with our hosting company our website is finally back online after an unforgivably long period of downtime. We have been hosted by 1and1 internet for some time now and I have to say this is another in a long line of continuous problems I have suffered with them. I have found their hosting over-priced and their service woeful. I had only avoided moving hosts due to the difficulty involved in doing so. But after this recent episode including having me locked out of my own control panel, refusing to respond to my email requests and admitted serious system errors of their part – I simply have to move.

I cannot express how much I would recommend avoiding 1and1 internet’s extremely overpriced and poor value hosting services.

I will change as soon as possible and hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again. (Just Google reviews on 1and1 to see the extent of their unpopularity!)

So once again my sincerest apologies. Hopefully my page rankings will return in due course and we will be rid of 1and1 as soon as possible.