To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you of your dereliction of duty regarding the signage on Norfolk Street, Stoke on Trent. My name is Cavan McLaughlin (check your files) and have received a number of penalty notices from yourselves in multiple vehicles at this location. I have already filed a grievance regarding the illegal nature of the signage at that location and had previous penalty notices overturned due to your admission of this. As you know it is your legal duty to fix the illegal nature of this signage now that I have made you aware of the situation.

Instead, almost a year later the markings remain the same, you are still making penalty notices against vehicles when parking attendants could easily be informed of the illegality of the aforementioned marking on Norfolk Street or more appropriately the markings should be altered to the correct specifications. I do not accept ignorance because I have kept a copy of your written recognition of these illegal marking in the car window when parked there.

The only information I have been given is that there is program underway of fixing these marking around the city. This is no longer acceptable to me as I have informed you several times over a distended period and now demand, in writing, to be given full disclosure on when and how you intend to fulfill your legal obligation to alter this knowingly illegal signage.

It is unacceptable for you to be knowingly issuing parking fines in areas you know to be unenforceable! It goes without saying that I expect the outsanding penalty against me (Parking Notice Number) to be nulled immediately and I look forward to receiving details regarding the alteration of the illegal markings as well as a full explanation of the delay in doing so and why fines are being issued in an area known to be illegally marked and hence unenforceable.

Cavan McLaughlin etc etc