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Squaring the Circle (or rather circling the square)

The problem of ‘Squaring the Circle’ or the ‘Quadrature of the Circle’ as it is sometimes called is an ancient geometrical problem of using only a straight line and compass (and a finite number of steps) being able to construct a square of equal area to any given circle. The problem is of course impossible [...]

Inspirational Quote

This is the Myth of our lives. “In the beginning was the Word [logos: the account, the telling, the story!] and the Word was with God, and the Word was a God.” (John 1:1) Imagination and Language are the tools of creation and we are the storytellers, the audience AND the stories themselves. Together we are the weaver and the weaved and we have the power to imagine … any … thing. And so it shall Be. — Cavan McLaughlin