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An initiation is not a singular event. Every rite is a passing, every becoming an initiation. Every moment, a death & rebirth, onto perfection. As the Phoenix rises, and again rises, the power of possibility is forever absolute. And therein lies the potential for the magickal act.

Manifesto of Chaos

I believe in Paradox. I believe in Nothing. And by doing so I believe that I believe in Everything. I believe: Nothing is True. Everything is permitted.

Inspirational Quote

My Heart is just my Heart,
Fragile and Doubtful,
But my Life continues to guide me,
Through and Through,
To Self Mastery,
Developing into the Greatest Individual,
To better serve the World.
- Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Oneness with the Cosmic Law of Life)
— unknown, n.d.