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Manifesto of Chaos

I believe in Paradox. I believe in Nothing. And by doing so I believe that I believe in Everything. I believe: nothing is true; everything is permitted.

Lamenting Forgiveness

Once upon a lullaby, I dared to dream of only I. I dared project my Darkest Being, I dared reflect, considered fleeing.

Secret Harvest

We reap what we sow. But the seeds of plants I would not yet know, Hide their secrets; In the soles of my shoes Where my heartache grows.

The End

I used to live a life in pain, And now alive, a death in vain. The One to know my strife’s a waste; The One to see this intricate place Holds no barriers, for those like I: The Children of the Ones who die. Who die, yet return, for those who live; Who could receive […]


So I have been seriously bad about updating people as to my general comings and goings in Oz-Tralia. I thought it was about time I said something about it at least. I am going to begin by blaming my silence on the totally different quality of time I have found here. Different quality of life […]

Vipassana Meditation

An interesting proposition. I want to write about my experience at the ten day Vispassana Meditation retreat but it is important to me, for a number of reasons, that I do not in fact write about the specifics of my personal experience itself. This is most certainly and no doubt infuriatingly one of those ‘you […]

As Above. So Below.

Despite my long time fascination with the subject due to my interest in Greek philosophy, the Tarot and alchemy generally I was genuinely surprised by my ignorance that the elemental classifications are utilised in early buddhist scriptures and ideology also. This came to my attention during my recent 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. The four elements […]

Priest of the White Circle of Love

He ran to me, gleeful and excited; Like a child, But with ancient eyes of piercing wisdom.

There are no differences… Maybe.

As per usual. I take a day off sick and how do I spend a large number of my hours of relaxation and leisure? I start randomly writing. So it keep going from this afternoon and somehow, because I included a quote or two, ended up as a essay.

We are The Machine

Why all the technophobia? We are The Machine. I am surrounded by self-loathing cyborgs in denial of their essential nature. The separation of body and object does more damage than embracing the continuum of life-flow that realises our intentions through art and artifact.

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