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Online Environmentalism

I have taken to saying very little online of late. I am dismayed by the quality and tone of much of the exchange. I think it is overly simplistic to accuse masses of people of merely virtue signalling, nevertheless, when I was young I used to look around my environment and wonder, in a world of infinite possibility why do so many people elect to have such similar expressions of self? Similar hair, similar clothes, similar opinions etc. It’s a rhetorical question, of course. I understand entirely, my point is that it undermines the power of true diversity, that is, genuinely individual free expression.

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Website Hacked

I am sorry to say that suffered attacks from hackers in the last few weeks and although the security breach has been rectified there has been damage to our styling and plugin functionality in doing so. So apologies for looking a little rough around the edges. I will endeavour to rectify this as soon as possible.

So we were down but not out. I hope to be fighting fit again soon.

“Bee Mushroomed” says Paul Stamets – Why fungi may be a powerful key to reversing the onset of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)

For those of you who don’t know about Paul Stamets he is a world leading mycologist and has been a real success story for psychedelic thinking within the scientific community. He has given a number of wonderful talks and been involved directly and indirectly in the publishing of countless papers on the antiviral properties of fungus for human ailments, the use of fungi to reverse the effects of pollution on the biosphere and on the use of fungi as pesticides/insecticides. Indeed he has a famous TED talk viralling the net called 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World that mentions most of these things.

Essentially, Paul believes that we are in a symbiotic relationship with the plant world that is mediated by fungi. Fungi both facilitate communication within plant networks as well as regenerate and renew the biosphere, they provide us with an essential form of protein, give us with powerful medicines both in terms of their own physiological effects, uses in antibiotic drug production and of course, the powerful spiritual and psychological effects of psilocybin-based “magic” mushrooms. The full extent of the role of fungi in our evolution is a much debated topic and continues to raise questions as we find more and more biomimetic applications and direct uses for the unsung hero of ecology.

In this instance, the solution was so simple that Paul literally could not believe he was the first to see the connection.

Bee’s often nest on rotten tree stumps. Indeed, they tend to favour certain trees that are known for the tree sap being rich with mycological antiviral properties. Most commercial bees are fed on sugar solution rather than in this more natural way and wild bees are limited further by the various forestries over-managing forests. Reducing the amount of wood fall (necessary for healthy fungi growth) and directly combating fungi on the trees themselves.

So Paul finally had his Eureka moment. What if we made “Myco Honey” rich in extracts from those identified tree fungi with anti-viral properties that the bees were previously getting from tree sap? The answer is the bees viral weakness plummeted and life spans extended by a measure previously yet unseen.

Basically a major root of the problem may be that bees simply aren’t getting a richly enough bio-diverse diet, including a necessary amount of mycelium food, making them more vulnerable to pesticides and viral infection.

Listen to Paul delivering his findings and explaining his journey himself in this compelling short talk.

Lesbian Bed Death - Broken

Lesbian Bed Death – ‘Broken’

Last night (on the Equinox) Lesbian Bed Death launched the latest music video I that produced, directed and edited.

This is very personal for me because it was made as a piece of working magickal art, based on the Thelemic Nu-Sphere Ritual written by Rodney Orpheus

Special thanks to those that gifted us their time and skills! Jason Weidner, Sef Salem and Evie Green, Marc Spicer, Ilaria Fulvio, Alex Powell and Olliver Coxon.

I genuinely hoped this would be well received by the Thelemic and wider magickal community and so far the feedback has been great. Read more »

Amor fati: Why Nietzsche and I love life

My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backward, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it—all idealism is mendacity in the face of what is necessary—but love it.
— Nietzsche,‘Why I Am So Clever’, in Ecce Homo, section 10:[2]

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If at first you don’t succeed

If at first you don’t succeed…

…you should probably realise that you have made a basic logical error in assuming it could ever be otherwise, given that the definition of succession is that of one thing following another, whereas conversely, at first is the position of being before all other things.

When one has succeeded. One is no longer first.

Try as many times as you like.

Just saying.

Freedom and The State of No-Mind

I probably don’t need a preface for my particular brand of ramblings any more. I offered this to my brother to read and he deemed it: “Exactly the sort of thing you tend to write, but you know, developed a bit.” So I have a signature in my quirky writing it would seem. These things always tend to come along without any preparation or expectation, using automatic writing, and so much of what I write requires even my own deciphering afterwards. Yet these ramblings hide and reveal truths for me. They hint closer and closer to something that cannot be said. Mostly I do it because it explodes out of my head like verbal diarrhoea. So here I go again (on my own … danna na na *air guitar*) Read more »

My Angel

My Angel, enfold me with your wings and caress my aching body.
Wipe away the tears of my suffering and the tears of my joy.
Let me fall for eternity deep into your eyes and show me the Way
to the very heart of that great Abyss.
Show me,
remind me,
reprimand me,
teach me,
lead me,
lift me up and
carry me ever home
that I may realise that my suffering is naught but the aching in my soul for union with your perfect beauty.
A beauty so painful to bear that its agony burns like a lightning-bolt, searing through my every body.
So terrible that it alone has the power to create the great mystery of life.
Whisper to me.
Love me.
Annihilate me.
I will love all things.
Because you have brought them for me.
I will endure all things.
Because you have wrought them for me.
I will know all things.
Because you do my Angel. And I love you.
Guide me.
Embrace me.
Hold me.
Give me my wings.

Your Heart is My Heart

Sweet oblivion brings tender kisses and promises of peace.
Beautiful lies to protect us from the truth.
Peace dwells not in the heart of darkness;
Nor darkness neither.
Nothing lies in the heart of darkness,
No thing but that
Which thou art.
It is said the truth sets us free.
And so it shall, so fear not intrepid wanderers,
Darkness is not the absence of Light
Just as Death is not the end of Life.
For in the heart of each, lies the heart of the other.
So return each tender kiss of sweet oblivion
And relish her beautiful lies,
Whisper back, “Your heart is my heart”
“Your will my sacrifice”.

Oath of Sunnata

I do not often speak of my magickal practices here. I save that for my private magickal journal and normally see no good reason to publish it openly. However all boundaries blur and on this occasion I have chosen to publish my recent developments here at theMushroom. Partly because it relates to the changing of my magickal name/motto/identity and I have referred to my previous magickal name on this website elsewhere. So it seems right and proper to announce the recent change. And also because, well quite simply; I said that I would. In a previous post, The Secret Centre, I mentioned my taking of a magickal oath. Well I did, and I have, and I would like to share it here for All. So here is a short excerpt from my magickal diary, recorded on July 8th 2013, or in astrological timekeeping: Sun in 16° Cancer, Moon in 23° Cancer. Read more »

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