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The End

I used to live a life in pain,
And now alive, a death in vain.
The One to know my strife’s a waste;
The One to see this intricate place
Holds no barriers, for those like I:
The Children of the Ones who die.
Who die, yet return, for those who live;
Who could receive All, but still wish to give.

But to give what?
What have I, We, They, Those, Their … Any agreed to give?

Everything and Nothing.

All there is, is all there is to give.
So I stand now offering All to share.
To those who do not want from me,
Do not want from Anybody.
I will teach.
I will learn.
I will yet get to take my turn,
When ego flies and ambitions burn,
When all else realises that I am dead,
Then shall they reach inside my head,
To finally gain what I offer still:
The depths of my soul and the lengths of my will.

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This is the Myth of our lives. “In the beginning was the Word [logos: the account, the telling, the story!] and the Word was with God, and the Word was a God.” (John 1:1) Imagination and Language are the tools of creation and we are the storytellers, the audience AND the stories themselves. Together we are the weaver and the weaved and we have the power to imagine … any … thing. And so it shall Be. — Cavan McLaughlin