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Manifesto of Chaos

  • I believe in Paradox.
  • I believe in Nothing.
  • And by doing so I believe that I believe in Everything.
  • I believe: nothing is true; everything is permitted.
  • I negate nothing; confirm nothing.
  • I deal only in theory and probability: in Maybe-Logic.
  • I believe in the power of belief to enact change.
  • I believe that constant change is the only continuum. The only constant.
  • I believe that this One continuum is in stasis. Forever changing to remain itself, like the the eternal flame. In short: I believe in Dynamic Stasis.
  • I believe that all motion is both linear and cyclic and that all motion follows from one point to the next, on an infinite perfect circle, made of an infinite number of infinite straight lines, connecting an infinite number of points.
  • And I believe this infinite angular curve, this perfect circle and infinitely complex polygon, is equivalent to zero and a point in its own right.
  • But I also believe that all cyclic motion is helical, spiral, and whilst moving nowhere on one plane, it moves forward on another.
  • I believe it takes us forever to return to where we began, never having moved, totally altered by the process: all to remain as we were.
  • I believe that every moment has no time, and that every moment remains forever, in eternity.
  • I believe 0 = [-1] + [+1] = ∞
  • I believe that everything I believe is true, whether those beliefs conflict or not, and whether or not I believe in them at all.
  • I believe that nothing I believe is true, whether those beliefs are shared or not and whether or not I believe in them at all.
  • I believe that all my beliefs are and should be subject to reflection, rejection and rendition.
  • I believe my beliefs should be shared, communicated, expressed despite their lack of ultimate validity.
  • I believe in matter.
  • I believe in energy.
  • I believe in vibration.
  • I believe in spirit.
  • I believe in language.
  • I believe in sensation.
  • And I believe they are all essentially the same thing, despite their clear differences.
  • I believe in a reasonable sensible world that can be explained, accounted for and observed, deduced, comprehended and made evident.
  • And I believe in the mystery that underlies it all, bringing it forth into an ever elusive and illusive emergent becoming beyond the limits of reason.
  • I believe in the Divine and the Absurd.
  • I believe in faery dust and the rainbow’s end.
  • I believe in magic, and magick, and the imagination.
  • I believe in Love…
  • And I believe in chemical romance.
  • I believe in leading and following.
  • I believe in being actively passive and passive in my actions.
  • I believe in Zen and the Way.
  • I believe I am enlightened, yet ignorant.
  • I believe in the hidden and the obvious.
  • And the utter idiocy of All.
  • I believe that existence is a joke, played on itself, and that laughter is the Elixir of Life.
  • I believe that everything I believe is and should be laughable.
  • You see, I believe that belief is folly.
  • I believe that if we believe in our beliefs at the cost of what we may yet come to believe, we are lost. For we are the Ones who enact change: observe it, realise it and let it fade — to be replaced by the not-yet-known.
  • I believe Beauty is born of this paradox.
  • I believe in a Silver Strand of absolute inexpressible Oneness of infinite void that passes through all things and is the singularity of Truth in the multiplicity of truths we need; that we need, and use, and hold dear, and cast aside.
  • I believe She is called Chaos and He is called Logos. And They are called The One.
  • I believe that both Are and Are Not.
  • I believe what they Are and Are Not is Nameless; though they have as many names as there are Eyes to See.
  • I also believe that Silver Strand is ungraspable and that we are forever doomed to take within our clutching at it, all that it isn’t.
  • Yet, I believe there is value in that grasping.
  • I believe It got us here. Literally, and figuratively.
  • I believe we are that Strand and we are grasping at ourselves.
  • And when we finally take hold of It, we will have no need to believe in anything ever again for we will finally have let everything go … Then we will be truly born; the unborn born.
  • I believe this birth is the New Aeon. The Omega-Point. The Eschaton.
  • I believe this has already come to Be and we are already There.
  • I believe we can All reach out to our True Selves, found at the very Centre of Being: the Transcendental Object at the End of History. And there I believe we can commune with our Holy Guardian Angel, for we are One, and the distance is but an illusion of self that we need only remember, can be held and withheld at Will.
  • I believe Thy Kingdom has come, and Is on Earth as it Is in Heaven.
  • I believe All that is – Is – and all that we are is the recounting of the tale, the spinning of the yarn, the weaving of narrative threads.
  • I believe I am starting to understand the only thing worth understanding: That I do not understand at all. I project. I realise. I subconsciously edit from the field of infinite possibility that which I choose to accept, as reality.
  • I believe solidity comes through syntheses: through the sharing of stories. Contained within one all-encompassing UniVerse.
  • I believe we all live on separate planes, weaving the grey fabric of our own world from the Silver Strand and the Absolute Ocean.
  • I believe that we all sail across its waters and those who Dare to Know, Will descend to Its very depths.
  • I believe what we find there we cannot tell a soul.
  • Indeed, I believe that I know a Secret, that even I do not know.
  • I believe this is the Myth of our lives.
  • I believe we are the Word and the Source.
  • I believe imagination and language are the tools of creation and we are the storytellers, the audience AND the very stories themselves.
  • I believe together we are the Weaver and the Weaved and we have the power to imagine … Any … Thing.
  • And so it shall Be.


  • Maybe.


  • Any. Thing. Is. Possible.


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  1. timeshhift's Gravatar timeshhift
    November 16, 2011 at 9:02 am

    this is amazing. thanks for posting.

  2. December 30, 2016 at 5:13 am

    LOL – Love it! Can I quote this in my book pls?

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